wp-1453086133132.jpegHi, I am Chris. This blog has been a dream of mine for sometime, mainly so I can keep track of all my recipes 🙂 amongst other things. I am originally from Utah, Raised in Farmington, Utah I have lived in Northeastern, Pa for  over 10 years now, We live on an acre, nestled against the woods, We raise chickens,  We do LOTS of vegetable gardening and  food preservation. One of my biggest passions in life is cooking and baking!  I am Brandys  mom and Grandma to Cole and Noah and Ginas Partner .Were just 3 women, Raising 2 young boys and backyard chickens and growing our own food. We make and Sell wood items, such as outdoor furniture, birdfeeders, we also make and sell soap and custom painted signs,  in the future we will be selling handmade jewelry. You can e-mail  Me at rainbow35fw@yahoo.com


screenshot_2016-01-17-22-05-45-1.pngHi, I am Brandy, Also originally from Utah. Born and raised in Clearfield, Utah. I Moved out to be with My Mom 1  1/2 years ago. I am a single Mother to Cole age 3 and Noah age 2. I Love horses, cross stiching, sewing, cooking and baking. I am beginning one of my passions which is planting my own herbs and making soaps. This year I made wine, put up pickles Helped plant and harvest a HUGE garden and a lot more that I have never done before! I am excited for the future! You can e-mail me at brandyrandall9302011@yahoo.com

screenshot_2016-01-17-22-08-28-1.png     Hi, I’m Gina. I was born and Raised in La Plume, Pa   I went to Lackawanna Trail School.  I grew up in the country, with cows and horses and chickens and pigs, and I raised bunnies when I was little and sold them to the pet stores. My father owned a feed mill his whole life. Everything I learned about working this land he left me was from him! you can e-mail me at daisy09938@yahoo.com


screenshot_2016-01-17-22-04-13-1.pngCole age 3


screenshot_2016-01-17-22-29-36-1.pngNoah age 2



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