Homemade Laundry Soap!

We make our own homemade liquid laundry detergent. This has saved us hundreds and hundreds of dollars this year. This has been a recent change we made about a year and a half ago. So let’s talk about costs first. We buy the Arm & hammer super washing soda. This will run you approximately $3.97 a box and looks like this:


Then the second thing you buy some Borax detergent which will run you approximately $5.99 a box. The borax looks like this:


We also add scented laundry crystals for a better smell. Approximately $8.98 depending on the store you buy it from. They look like this:


Lastly the final ingredient is your common Dawn dish soap.


So then this is a simple recipe;

You get two containers of thick plastic preferably. I as a mother of course used empty 64fl oz apple juice containers. I mix 1 & 1/2 tablespoons of each the Borax, and the Arm& hammer in the container just drop it right in there. Then I add a sprinkle of the laundry crystals. I then add two cups of boiling hot water. I twirl and shake the containers until the ingredients are dissolved. *caution* the containers will be hot as you have boiling water in there so I use hot pads while doing this. Once the ingredients are dissolved I add two nice squirts of the Dawn. I then wait till all the bubbles have gone down. (approximately 1 hour) Then I simply add cold water to fill the containers. Once they are filled shake a few times and Voila you have laundry detergent. You will measure 1/3 a cup on this in each load of laundry.

I can not stress to you how much money we have saved!!! Its amazing and I have two toddlers that get every stain on the planet on their clothes. With that being said I love the results as this gets all of the stains out except maybe the occasional red Kool-Aid stain.

This is the finished results after complete:Laundry soap.jpg


Good luck and let us know if you have any questions. We love our laundry soap and all the money it saves us. The first box of Borax and Arm & Hammer we are almost to the end of and we bought those a year and a half ago. Be mindful we are washing enough laundry for three adult women. Two toddlers, two cats, and a dog. With that being said we have laundry going round the clock.




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