The beginning of chickens!

This post was written and posted by Brandy.

So! Chickens!…. Yes! Chickens have been a new and found love and discovery for us this year in 2015. When my mother and I first started discussing making our little kind of farm like living, we really were adament about goats as our beginning. However after doing a lot of research, and learning a lot about goats, and stuff, we decided they would not make a very good beginning choice. So with being said, after long discussions and decisions chickens it was!. So we purchased our chicken coop! After looking up options and deciding on the coop we all liked and thought would give our chickens the best life and home possible.

The Coop!

Then after a little while of having the coop a good friend of our gave us our two first chickens Goldie(Golden Sexlink), and Blackie(Americauna).

Welcome to your new home Goldie, and Blackie!

As you can see and imagine the boys were so thrilled!

This began our adventures and learning lessons of raising and caring for chickens! Since then we have learned A LOT! I will post later on more about the chickens! Thanks for joining us on the beginning of the chicken adventures!               -Chris, Brandy, the Boys






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