Chickens! (Photos)

Here is some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Many many more to come These chickens are about 3 months old at this time, and will lay us eggs in the spring! Except for Goldie, and Blackie which have given us eggs already. IMG_3413
A White Brahama Chicken
Noah and an Americauna chicken
Goldie is one of two of the very first chickens we brought into our lives. She is a Golden Sexlink. She gives us brown eggs!
Side view of Goldie, Goldie loves to be held!
This is a Rhode Island Red, also very friendly docile birds. They will give us brown eggs as well.
Again Noah and his bird!
Noah and his bird
Noah and his bird relaxing on the couch
This is a grey Brahama, yes they can be silly sometimes!
Grey Brahama being silly!

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