The beginning

Hey everyone,
This is the beginning of the blog I have been telling you all about forever. Yes it’s true! I have started it.
Here you will find the true and useful recipes that have been tried and perfected. Along with my own personal recipes that work. Great recipes for picky toddlers and more. Everything from planting, gardening, cooking, baking, cleaning, crafts, and more!

So let’s get to know each other first!

This blog is created and written by myself Chris, and with my co-writer and  daughter Brandy. I am a grandma of two beautiful toddler boys, Cole and Noah. Which I am sure you will get to know all to well soon enough! We live on our own one acre land and have one dog named rusty. Two cats George, and Felix. We also and recently might I add have begun the raising of chickens. We currently have 22 female chickens. We will go on about all the above as we go along.

So… now that we know the basics and the beginning let’s continue on to the real fun stuff! Enjoy!


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